Rose Schmitt, PHD
Jessica J. Robles, PhD, MBA
Maureen Groome, PhD
Debbie Windsor, PhD, MBA
Dissertation Coaching
Dissertation Coaching is your key to going from ABD to PhD (or maybe just finishing that Masters Thesis). You will be paired with a coach who is an expert at dissertation and thesis completion. While you may work with just one coach, you will be supported by a team of professionals who share ideas and work together to ensure you have the best feedback to ensure your success. While some coaching services charge separately for coaching and consulting, your coach will provide both services, at a student friendly rate.

NOTE: We may require a phone screen and paper review before we take you on as a client. We do not take on every student, as our time is limited, and we reserve our time for those with the highest capabilities of success.

Coaching: The goal of dissertation coaching is to provide individualized services that will ensure you have a positive graduate learning experience, and finish your degree. No matter how long you've been in your graduate program, your coach can help you with common issues, such as anxiety, writers block, procrastination, perfectionism, committee issues, lack of support, time management, and balancing school with life. We recognize that every person needs a different approach, and that there is no one-size fits all solution.
Consulting: Dissertation consulting is provided alongside coaching, to help you develop an academically sound research strategy, complete the research study, and present and defend your findings successfully. We provide guidance in research topic selection, assist with the development of research questions and hypotheses, help select the appropriate methodology, provide resources for developing the statistical approach, assist with interpretation of committee feedback and review your manuscript (up to 20 pages per session) to provide regular feedback and guidance. Your coach will provide feedback, guidance and direction, while ensuring that you remain the true author of your manuscript.
Editing Services

Proof-Reading: Our expert editors will provide basic proof-reading services for misspellings, typographic errors, page numbers, and overall APA format. This is generally done after the manuscript is complete.


Formatting: Do you just need help getting your paper formatted correctly with APA 6 or 7 requirements, getting that pesky Table of Contents to work, or even just setting up your data tables? Or perhaps you need help with your school-specific template? We are especially helpful with Grand Canyon University (GCU) templates!

Copy-Editing: Editors focus on grammar, syntax, sentence structure, accurate word choices, verb tense, capitalization, punctuation, missed and repeated words, paragraph and sentence length. Edits are completed with track changes and returned for your review. Most graduate-level documents need light copy-editing. If English and/or academic writing is not your strong suit, heavy copy-editing may be necessary.

Content-Editing: Content editors are experts in the field who review your manuscript for overall structure, completeness and flow. Content editing is focused on ensuring the research is written thoroughly, sequentially, and thoughtfully. The editor can assist with developing ideas, or re-writes to ensure academic language, alignment, and flow. This type of editing is much more subjective than copy-editing, with the editor making suggestions for major changes throughout the manuscript. NOTE: We DO NOT write papers for students. We will edit and make suggestions of already written work only.

Need Something Else?

If you have a need that doesn't neatly fit into one of these categories, we may be able to help. It doesn't hurt to ask. So send us your idea and we'll be in touch.

Content Expert
Do you go to a school that allows you to select a member of your committee to serve as the content expert? If you are in need of a content-expert for your dissertation committee, and your research is focused on Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Psychology, Organizational Leadership, Human Resources, Employee Relations, Business, Higher Education and Academics, Early Education or any related field, look no further. Generally the school provides all related fees and required training. So, send us your proposal, and we'll let you know if we have an expert on our team.